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One vision, one artist: Crafting the Nepali GTA Experience Solo

Ashim, a talented music and visual artist from Nepal, has showcased his creative talents through exhibitions in Nepal and Germany. Currently, he’s pioneering the development of a Nepali version of GTA, integrating Nepal’s diverse cultural elements into the game. Ashim shared his journey and motivations behind this ambitious project, offering a unique perspective on solo game development.

Why Solo?

Ashim prefers to work solo to maintain full creative control over the project. This autonomy allows him to implement ideas quickly without the need for extensive discussions or approvals.

Efficiency in Development: By working independently, Ashim believes he can expedite the development process. He feels that working in a team might introduce delays due to the need for consensus and coordination.

The Nepali GTA will explore Nepal’s diverse landscapes, encompassing mountains, hills, and the Terai region, while integrating local history, myths, and legends into the gameplay. Players can expect to interact with a variety of vehicles such as vintage cars, buses, bicycles, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and even hot air balloons.

nepali gta
Photo: Screenshot/Ashim Shakya Interactives/Youtube

Vision of the Game

In terms of gameplay, the objective will involve earning money through missions and exploring mystical locations scattered throughout Nepal. Natural disasters like landslides, floods, avalanches, and earthquakes will add dynamic challenges to the gameplay, enhancing the realism and depth of the experience. Similar to traditional GTA games, players will also engage in job-based activities to earn income and advance within the game.

Release Date & Pricing

The game will feature two playable characters, each with their own distinct stories and backgrounds, contributing to a rich narrative experience akin to real-life GTA dynamics. Initially, Ashim plans to release the game on PC, with potential future releases on consoles and mobile platforms depending on the game’s performance. He aims for an early 2025 release date, with the exploration mode already completed and focus now shifting towards developing the storyline.

The pricing for this game is still to be finalized, he adds.

Initially named “Karma,” the project has evolved into a GTA-style game. Ashim is now seeking suggestions for a new name and plans to conduct a poll in the future to choose the final name through public voting.


The popularity of Ashim’s Nepali GTA game is spreading internationally. Many national and international youtubers are covering this topic and making video on it as well.

As he is solo in this project, it’s tough to get readymade assets so assets like 3D models, Textures and Sound designs must be done by himself. Sometimes, he seek help from people through his youtube channel like Voice dubbing, dialogues and so on.

Updates about the game can be found on Ashim’s official YouTube channel, Ashim Shakya Interactives. 


In conclusion, Ashim’s Nepali GTA promises to deliver an immersive gaming experience that not only celebrates Nepal’s cultural diversity but also incorporates innovative gameplay elements inspired by the country’s landscapes and heritage. With his blend of creativity and technical skill, Ashim is poised to create a game that captivates both local and global audiences alike.

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