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TikTok promises Nepal to obey its laws completely!

TikTok, the renowned global short video platform, is vigorously working to overturn Nepal government’s ban.

At the end of January, a five-member delegation, which included one member from Pakistan, returned home following a week of talks with government agencies.

In a Council of Ministers meeting on November 13, it was decided to ban TikTok due to concerns about its impact on social harmony. Despite TikTok’s persistent requests, the government has yet to reconsider its decision.

In correspondence with the government, the company affirmed its willingness to promptly remove objectionable videos as per official requests.

Despite the Nepal government’s maintenance of the ban, TikTok’s representatives have escalated their engagements with Kathmandu authorities.

The five-member delegation in Kathmandu informally suggested a meeting with Nepal Police’s cyber bureau to discuss crime control measures.


Following the return of the initial five-member team, a two-member delegation arrived in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

Reports suggest that on Thursday, the team met with Rekha Sharma, the Minister for Communication and Information Technology, urging her to lift the TikTok ban.

On the same day, the team attempted to meet Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, but were advised through a message from the Prime Minister to consult with the Communication Minister and her IT team first. Subsequently, on Friday, the TikTok team met with an official from the Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

Approximately one month after the government’s TikTok ban, on December 5, Ferdous Mottakin, Head of Public Policy and Government Relations for TikTok in South Asia, visited Kathmandu. During the visit, Mottakin met with Prakash Rayamajhi, Prime Minister’s IT expert, and officials from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Mottakin was appointed to the post of TikTok in November 2022.

Since then, TikTok representatives have been visiting Nepal and engaging with various government bodies.

In a seven-point letter to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, TikTok expressed surprise at the government’s decision to ban the platform, highlighting their collaboration with government agencies.

Following the ban, fourteen cases were filed against it in the Supreme Court. However, during a preliminary hearing on November 21, Justice Binod Sharma declined to issue an interim order, citing no ‘irreparable damage’.

Despite seeking reasons for the ban in the filed writ, no progress has been made. The next hearing is scheduled for May 9.

On Thursday morning, the two-member team met Communication Minister Rekha Sharma at Singh Durbar, urging the ban’s removal.

During the meeting, Minister Sharma explained that while the government aims to maintain social harmony, TikTok failed to adhere to Nepal’s community standards, as its content didn’t align with Nepali society.

With three months since the ban, TikTok continues to pressure authorities for its removal.

China voiced worry

China perceives Nepal’s TikTok ban as an anti-China action, expressing dissatisfaction. Chinese Ambassador Chen Song conveyed this sentiment during a meeting with Prime Minister Prachanda, citing efforts made during Prachanda’s visit to China juxtaposed with the ban decision.

In response, Prachanda expressed surprise at China’s reaction, stating TikTok became a contentious issue at various levels, leading to the government’s decision. He highlighted concerns raised by political leaders across the spectrum, eventually leading to the ban.

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